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Welcome to WANNA#

WANNA is a ML platform product that integrates security, data governance and deployment best practices with well-defined constructs provided by GCP Vertex AI native services to make research move faster, more efficiently and predictively from ML prototypes to production models whilst leaving behind the limitations of an on-prem infrastructure.


Embrace the advantages and scalability of a ML Platform as a Service and adopt Vertex AI premise of “one AI platform, every ML tool you need”.

Having the goal for a unified set of APIs, frameworks, UIs and secure data access patterns from a central point will increase productivity across the Research and Data Science teams whilst removing operational costs.


Vertex AI native services are vast and welcomed, however we must have clear communication, interfaces, requirements and prioritization to cover all researchers and ML Engineers use cases within this ecosystem.

WANNA will provide this thought its CLI, standardized project structure, CI/CD integration and addressing and supporting customer needs.

Problem definition#

Remove barriers and standardize the management of ML projects on Vertex AI through the lenses of unified tooling.