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To run wanna-ml, you need docker daemon, a Python >=3.7 environment setup and gcloud cli installed

Installing with Pipx#

The recommended way to install wanna-ml is to use pipx.

pipx will install the package in isolation so you won’t have conflicts with other packages in your environment.

You can install wanna-ml like this:

pipx install wanna-ml 

You can upgrade the package like this:

pipx upgrade wanna-ml

if you want to manage the project with poetry

pipx install poetry

Installing with Pip#

wanna-ml is a normal Python package and you can install it with pip:

pip install wanna-ml

Be aware, that installing it globally might cause conflicts with other installed package.

You can solve this problem by using a pipenv environment:

pipenv local 3.8.12

pip install wanna-ml

You will need to add wanna-ml to your PATH.